Ermias Mengesha

Several Western Mainstream media have covered the conflict in Ethiopia widely. However, most of these reports were lopsided, favoring the culprit of this conflict, the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF), and accusing and condemning the Ethiopian government at every chance. Enigmatic maneuvers to entice more attention to superficial headlines and intentionally embedded falsified facts and opinions were the salient features of most of these news articles. The picture international consumers of these media outlets would get from these media is often very different from the events that have actually happened. …

Ermias Mengesha and Tilahun Emiru

One prominent facet of the war in northern Ethiopia is the misguided and biased approach the Biden Administration and the European Union chose to follow. This approach not only puts TPLF, which is a terrorist group, and the federal government of Ethiopia on the same legal pedestal but it also alludes to propagate TPLF’s talking points and pressure the federal government. This pressure on the Ethiopian government was strategically supported by information warfare that often went to great lengths to rewrite facts.

One such fact is how the current war broke out in the early…


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